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Application of Laser Processing in Lithium Battery Production

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Compared with the traditional machining, green laser pointer processing has the advantage of no tool wear, cutting shape flexibility, edge quality control, higher accuracy and lower operating costs.

Lithium battery because of its excellent performance, is widely used in electronic consumer goods, motor vehicles and energy market, its production technology innovation is particularly important.

Lithium battery production steps are typical of the "roll-to-roll" process, need to go through two processing steps - the film to a single battery, and a single battery assembled into a battery system. A typical lithium battery has a three-layer film - an anode film, an insulating film and a cathode film. The thickness of the electrode coating is usually 100 μm and the isolation film is 50 μm. The anode film is a copper film coated with graphite, the cathode film is an aluminum film of a lithium metal oxide, and the insulating film is made of polypropylene and polyethylene.

red laser

Due to the high quality requirements for accuracy, controllability and processing machines, foil slitting, foil cutting, tab cleaning, and separator foil cutting, etc. Link is more suitable for the use of blue laser pointer processing. Compared with the traditional machining, laser processing has the advantage of no tool wear, cutting shape flexibility, edge quality control, higher accuracy and lower operating costs.

Metal foil cutting is based on the design of the battery, a roll of metal foil along the long side cut into thin strips. Applicable to this part is the infrared pulse laser, high-speed high-quality cutting electrode plating. If the cutting width and quality have more precise requirements, you can also consider the pulse green and ultraviolet light.

Metal foil cutting links refer to the design of the battery, the elongated strip of the anode film and cathode film cut into the desired shape. Depending on the battery design and whether the foil is fully coated, you can select or adjust the beam to cut the coating or cut only the foil. The laser used in this section is the same as the aluminum foil slit.

In certain cases, it is necessary to remove graphite and lithium metal oxides to reveal bare copper or aluminum foil labels. The key to this step is to remove the coating material without compromising the underlying metal foil. Pulse infrared burning laser is best suited for this link. Similar to aluminum foil cutting, the cover film should also be cut into the desired shape with reference to the battery design. Because the isolation membrane is composed of organic compounds, pulsed ultraviolet laser is the most suitable choice.

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