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Jammers in all services and frequencies

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 With a so-called wireless jammer, you can protect yourself from a position determination or secret eavesdropping. This misery can be of great importance under certain circumstances. Because the danger of being located by your own cell phone or being tapped during important calls is omnipresent and can have dire consequences.

wireless jamming for sale

GPS jammers have positive advantages

It is common knowledge that GPS tracking has many advantages. But this position determination also has some disadvantages.

Finally, the location determination also enables an assassin to locate the victim and carry out the planned attack. But even in less dramatic cases, GPS tracking has some negative aspects.

Many assassins have already used the possibilities of determining their position in order to find the potential victim at any time. In addition, many private individuals use their mobile phones to locate their partner because they are jealous and suspect unfaithful behavior.

Because if your own smartphone has been registered with a location service, it can be determined at any time where you are currently. In other words, if you tell your wife, for example, that you are going to work when you are actually having a beer with a few friends, it will be easy for the wife to let this lie open.

In addition, when visiting a friend of the opposite sex for the first time, some teenagers certainly don't want their parents to be discovered.

There is now a technology that prevents the location of a position: the GPS jammer

If you carry a so-called GPS jammer with you, the signals of the Global Positioning System will be disturbed, which makes it impossible to carry out GPS positioning. A jammer is able (through the jammers) to switch off the complete reception of the GPS satellites.

gps jammer

This technique has a side effect that can be viewed as both positive and negative. Because if a cheap GPS jammer has been activated, you will no longer be able to use the cellular network. So you always have to take into account that using a jammer also switches off your own cell phone traffic, as making calls with a cell phone is made possible by the radio frequencies that are disrupted by the jammer. But this can also be seen as an advantage. Because while some people complain about the lack of mobility, for others this is the real reason to buy.

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